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Sarah Vandella Eats Ass

Sarah Vandella rimjob action is awesome baby.  What can we possibly say about Sarah Vandella that hasn’t already been said?  Good Lord this girl can throat dick and eat fucking man ass.  Today we have Sarah Vandella tongue fucking Mike Adriano’s asshole in this scene from Swallowed.com.   Sarah has shot for Swallowed multiple times and we swear it never gets fucking old.  This is some serious throat fucking and Sarah Vandella rimjob action.   Kudos to this serious ass licking whore.   Analingus girls fucking rule.

Sarah Vandella Ass Licking Goddess

Sarah Vandella is one hot bitch.  Sarah Vandella, the asshole licking Goddess, returns for more Sarah Vandella rimjob action.  Sarah Vandella tongue fucks Mike Adriano’s asshole proper in this scene from  Enter Her Exit #2.  It looks so hot when sexy sluts like Sarah Vandella eat fucking man ass.  We can’t get enough of Sarah Vandella rimming ass.  This slut is an ass eating goddess and loves to tongue fuck man ass.  Analingus girls rule.

Vicki Chase Supreme Asshole Licker

Vicki Chase and Sarah Vandella are nasty fucking sluts; just how we like it.  Vicki Chase rims out Mike Adriano’s asshole while Sarah Vandella sucks cock in this scene from Swallowed.com.  It looks so hot when sexy girls eat fucking man ass.  Vicki Chase rimjob action is always fucking epic.  We can never get enough Vicki Chase analingus.  This Latina fucking slut loves to tongue fuck man ass.  Analingus girls rule.

Sarah Vandella Rims Asshole The Best

Sarah Vandella is fucking hot and she’s a notorious ass licker too.  Sarah Vandella rimjobs make for some of the best porn around.  Sarah Vandella tongue fucks Mike Adriano’s asshole like a good little slut in this scene from Butthole Adventures.  Every chick should take notes from Sarah Vandella because her analingus skills are just over the top.  Fuck yeah!  We love Sarah Vandella because no one rims man asshole better.