Porn Star Jenna Justine Interview

Our featured starlet today is California native and a rising star Ms. Jenna Justine.  Jenna Justine is a hot Latina of Puerto Rican decent.  Jenna stands approximately 5’8″, has strategically placed tattoos and is known for her love of anal sex.  More importantly, Jenna Justine is a very dirty girl and enjoys rim job action too.  We sat down with Jenna Justine to discuss her start in the art of rimming man ass.  Jenna Justine is a ferocious ass licker indeed.  Enjoy!

AEW: Jenna Justine welcome. How are you?

JJ: I’m doing good.

AEW: How long have you been in the business?

JJ: A little over a year off and on.

AEW: You have a very cute mouth and we hear you like to do nasty things with your mouth.

JJ: (interrupts) I love licking assholes.

AEW: You love licking ass?

JJ: Yes I do.

AEW: So the first time you licked man ass was it before you entered the business?

JJ: Actually my first rim job was on Mike Adriano.

AEW: Wow.  So not until the business?  Really?

JJ: Yeah (laughter)

AEW: So what was it a BJ or Boy/Girl?

JJ: A Boy/Girl Anal.

Editors note : The movie was Anally Talented 2 from Evil Angel.

AEW: And in particular what you turned you on about it?  You got up in there and tongued Mike Adriano’s ass so how did that make you feel?

JJ:  You know I’m not into vaginal sex but it made me tingle in my ya know.  It got me horny.

AEW: Wow

JJ:  Because he liked it.  I’m a person that likes pleasuring a man so.

AEW: You’re such a giver.

JJ:  Yes. I’m a giver. (laughter)

AEW: Jenna do you anticipate that you will be doing more Jenna Justine rim jobs?

JJ:  Yes I most certainly will. I plan on doing rim jobs in a lot of my scenes.

AEW: Well we most certainly will tell everyone to grab a copy of that Mike Adriano title so we can see your rim job skills on full display.

JJ:  Yes. I plan on doing rim jobs in a lot of my scenes.

AEW: Thank you.  And porn will be better for it.

JJ:  (laughter)

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