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Jenna Justine Rims Adriano’s Asshole

Jenna Justine is a hot rimjob queen.  Jenna Justine rims asshole with the best of them and she gets off on eating man ass. Jenna Justine buried her tongue deep in Adriano’s fucking asshole  in this scene from Anally Talented 2. Jenna Justine has no inhibitions and she certainly knows how to lick asshole.  Jenna Justine tongued it fucking deep that’s for sure.  Keep the analingus coming.

Porn Star Jenna Justine Interview

Our featured starlet today is California native and a rising star Ms. Jenna Justine.  Jenna Justine is a hot Latina of Puerto Rican decent.  Jenna stands approximately 5’8″, has strategically placed tattoos and is known for her love of anal sex.  More importantly, Jenna Justine is a very dirty girl and enjoys rim job action too.  We sat down with Jenna Justine to discuss her start in the art of rimming man ass.  Jenna Justine is a ferocious ass licker indeed.  Enjoy!

AEW: Jenna Justine welcome. How are you?

JJ: I’m doing good.

AEW: How long have you been in the business?

JJ: A little over a year off and on.

AEW: You have a very cute mouth and we hear you like to do nasty things with your mouth.

JJ: (interrupts) I love licking assholes.

AEW: You love licking ass?

JJ: Yes I do.

AEW: So the first time you licked man ass was it before you entered the business?

JJ: Actually my first rim job was on Mike Adriano.

AEW: Wow.  So not until the business?  Really?

JJ: Yeah (laughter)

AEW: So what was it a BJ or Boy/Girl?

JJ: A Boy/Girl Anal.

Editors note : The movie was Anally Talented 2 from Evil Angel.

AEW: And in particular what you turned you on about it?  You got up in there and tongued Mike Adriano’s ass so how did that make you feel?

JJ:  You know I’m not into vaginal sex but it made me tingle in my ya know.  It got me horny.

AEW: Wow

JJ:  Because he liked it.  I’m a person that likes pleasuring a man so.

AEW: You’re such a giver.

JJ:  Yes. I’m a giver. (laughter)

AEW: Jenna do you anticipate that you will be doing more Jenna Justine rim jobs?

JJ:  Yes I most certainly will. I plan on doing rim jobs in a lot of my scenes.

AEW: Well we most certainly will tell everyone to grab a copy of that Mike Adriano title so we can see your rim job skills on full display.

JJ:  Yes. I plan on doing rim jobs in a lot of my scenes.

AEW: Thank you.  And porn will be better for it.

JJ:  (laughter)

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