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Annette Schwarz Ass Eating Goddess

Annette Schwarz rimjobs always break the internet.  Annette Schwarz is an ass eating Goddess and one of the nastiest sluts in porn history.  Annette gives Manuel Ferrara a major ass licking in this scene from Slutty and Sluttier 6.  This is major analingus hardcore action.  We miss you Annette!

Annette Schwarz Rimjob Queen

Annette Schwarz is an asshole licker supreme.  You would be hard-pressed to find someone who rims asshole like Annette Schwarz.  This is so fucking awesome and we had one of her best Annette Schwarz rimjob scenes here.  She really went to town on Sasha’s fucking asshole.  Analingus girls fucking rock.

Annette Schwartz Rimjob Lineup

We’re not sure that porn has seen a bigger whore in history than Annette Schwartz.  Good God she is fucking amazing.  Annette Schwartz rimjobs are on par with some of the wonders of the world.  In this scene from Slutwoman 2 Annette Schwartz lines up a group of black men and rims all of their fucking assholes.  All of ’em!  Analingus is awesome and Annette Schwartz keeps it rocking.